Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No, separated by ear piercing shrieks

Okay, the morning screed. One of my biggest pet peeves, one that I unfortunately encounter on average 2-4 times/week:

People call and ask for my employer's web site. I say wwwdotthiscompanydotcom. Really, it's that simple. There are 2 easily recognizable words that make up the web site. Nearly half the time the response is "Is that all one word?". I know I'm probably being unfair, but Christ, it is 2006. We all have a fairly firm understanding of web addresses at this point. All one word versus multiple words with random spaces that I'm not telling them about? Dashes and dots that I neglect to mention?

What I need here is a "Snappy Comeback for Stupid Questions". Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seven Days of Mourning

I had never seen the entire series of Freaks and Geeks and having recently experienced it, I can't seem to let go. Listmaker and Youthlarge loaned me the complete series and I have 3 episodes remaining. I actually find myself stalling because I don't want it to end! Apes teases me because he says I go into empathy overload when I watch it. I can't help myself! I feel so strongly for the kids and the parents, I laugh and cry at the same time. I have a particular soft spot for Bill and laugh hysterically during every intro.

My obsession sent me looking for recent pictures of the actors. Yesterday I found these:

Bill Haverchuck and Cindy Sanders
Sam Weir

I feel dirty for thinking how hot John Daley is these days. It's like thinking your friend's little brother is hot. But either way, he's a looker.

What's the last thing you read or watched that you were really sad to have end?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Reasons Why I Should Probably Find A New Job

1. My paychecks keep bouncing. When direct deposit isn't working (75% of the time), everyone rushes to a check cashing place to cash their checks. Of 100 employees, there's usually enough money for 60-65 to cash their checks. The rest end up with bounced checks.

2. The credit card fraud ring that was just busted up in the warehouse. 3 months after my husband and I had our credit card stolen. Which occured 1 day after having 2 guys from the warehouse help us move a couch. Coincidence? Can't know for sure.

3. The high 6 figure embezzlement of cash and goods that was busted a few weeks ago, ending in the arrest of 5 people.

4. That my boss thinks I'm a vegetarian and openly mocks me in staff meetings because of it. Pointedly put me on the accounts of every steak house in NYC. Honestly, I'm pleased to have more contacts at steak houses, I love a good steak. But the principle of the matter is rather sickening. He thinks he's causing me real hand-wringing and loves it.

5. That my boss unzips his pants before he actually gets in the bathroom, then comes out with a big pee stain on the front of his pants every time he uses the bathroom. This may not be grounds for leaving, but it is disgusting.

6. That he is constantly firing people in the warehouse before they hit 90 days because at 90 days they become protected by the union. This is also why he is moving the entire operation to NJ. The majority of the employees cannot commute to NJ and he will essentially bust the union.

7. They are too stupid to know how to save documents without giving everyone access to them. I pointed something out to them a year ago about this and offered to show them (the 2 owners, my bosses) how to properly save sensitive documents. I was told to mind my own business. The newest addition to this is the spreadsheet I found this week with every employee's name, date of birth, social security number and annual salary. And I was not looking! It was just right there in the shared drive, no protection, not even in a folder. sigh.

8. I am bored to tears. I am a glorified order taker. Minus the glory.

These are not reasons that seem like grounds to quit for some people. It's an idiot's parade in that place and my poor husband has to hear about all the time.

I understand that work is work, but I see no reason why I shouldn't feel strongly about what I do, or even why I do it. It comes down to the cause or the day to day. Am I looking for a specific type of job or am I looking for a purpose? Honestly, I don't think what I do will affect me as much right now as what/who I am doing it for. I know what causes are important to me and I am setting the goal of moving myself closer to them by August 1st.