Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Go West

So next weekend the husband and I are setting out for what we are terming our honeymoon, since we never did anything after we got married. Well, we never did anything that didn't involve either his family or mine.

We'll be flying in to San Francisco then eventually driving our way up the coast with multi-day stops in Southern Oregon, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. We have friends all along the way that we're really excited to see and spend some time with, so I know the 2 weeks will fly by. I've never been north of Mendocino National Forest in CA, so I can't wait to see the West coast. So, does anyone have a suggestion, a can't miss? I guess the more appropriate question is, does anyone ever look at this anymore, since I haven't written in MONTHS!?

So anyway, if there's anything amazing that we simply must see or do in one of those places, please let us know.....