Wednesday, August 15, 2007

2 recent interactions

Interaction #1:
young latina woman: can you tell me where to find the books on STDs?
me: sexually transmitted diseases?
young latina woman: what?? NO!
me: SATs?
young latina woman: huh? yeah.

Interaction #2: [she has a school reading list in hand]
young latina woman (different from #1): yeah, just gimme 2 books off the list.
me: which two?
young latina woman: i don't care. just make em inneresting.
me: i can't make a book interesting.
me: {handing her richard wright's Native Son}
young latina woman: Yo! this book is mad fat! gimme a skinny book!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

squealing on the inside

The celebrity sightings at my job are pretty much daily. At least once a week I learn firsthand which celebrity is an adult child of an alcoholic or only reads self-help books or loves books on cd for her many road trips, etc. Other than noting who is exceedingly nice, normal, weird, old looking or pretty, I don't really feel phased by seeing any particular celebrity. Until now.

Yesterday I made disturbingly intense eye contact with a very tall curly haired guy. It was for a moment as if all time stopped and all sense of politeness disappeared because I didn't even try to stop staring. I was mostly staring because I knew that I knew and loved this guy, but couldn't immediately place him. But then, I got it!
It was Wayne Wilcox aka Marty from Gilmore Girls!!!! Holy crap! Marty, you were robbed. I mean, Lucy was nice and all, but she was no Rory. Nice guys finish last indeed.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Brooklyn Cobblers

Not too long ago I took 2 pairs of shoes (same shoes, one black leather, one brown) to my local shoe repair store; Alexi's on 4th Avenue. I've never been to a cobbler before so I didn't know what to expect. Turns out, it's very reasonable to repair a much loved pair of shoes. He is replacing the sole on the right shoes and the sole and midsole on the left shoes (apparently my gait has me walking like Igor in Young Frankenstein). For all of this, he is only charging me $28/pair. Has anyone else ever used a cobbler. What was your experience like?

Oh, and speaking of Young Frankenstein (it's Fronkensteen!), Jamie's work is going to be screening it for one of their solar powered films this summer! Check out the upcoming Solar 1 film schedule.